E&BC Dual Pattern Scratch 10/23/22

Congratulations goes out to Nykolas Walker for earning back-to-back wins, first at the Classic Worlds event on 10/16/22, and today 10/23/22 at the Dual Pattern scratch event. It was hard fought through a couple of quite tough patterns. On the left lane we had the E&BC Ruby pattern and on the right lane an even tougher E&BC Goblin Shark pattern. Players had to go through their arsenals a couple times before settling on the equipment that got them the best motion and shape down lane. Today's patterns forced them to play inside rather than outside due to the volume of oil and the more flat they were, plus, Glenfair Lanes does not hook as much off the 1, 2, or 3 board like many of the bowling establishments in the Phoenix area. Kudos to Marcus Haley for finishing up 2nd overall. He bowled quite well. The match play finals with bonus pins was won hands down by Nykolas over Marcus, but Marcus really gave him a run for his money in forcing Nykolas to show up n the 10th frame by striking out or at least doubling in the 10th to take the matches. Thank you to all bowlers who participated. Blessings to you all, and look forward to seeing you all again.