E&BC Classic Worlds Tournament 1/21/2023

Today's Classic Worlds event was a success with 20 overall entrants and 65 overall games bowled. We gave out over $1,000 in total prize money and side action. Congratulations goes to Alex Benton for taking the win today coming in 1st and walking out with $340.00 without the PFI (Prize Fund Incentive). He averaged 216 scratch through 5 games, shooting games of 230, 229, 177, 232, and 212 for a scratch series of 1080 in the 5 games. Our cashers for today were: 1st place Alex Benton, 2nd place Marcus Haley, and 3rd place Albert Sampson, who had won the last month’s tournament. We held a top 3 bowler’s eliminator to determine our winner, and just like he had bowled in qualifying, Alex Benton went on to sweep the finals. We'd like to thank everyone who participated in support of this event. Our next event will be 02/18/22 at AMF Union Hills. Prize fund $730.00

Prize Fund Rollover for end of year event $60.00
Prize Fund Paid out $670.00
Prize Fund Rollover: $252.00 through 4 events Prize Fund Incentive (PFI/Progressive) $210

Prize Fund Incentive Rollover for end of year event $20.00
Prize Fund Incentive Paid out $190.00.
Prize Fund Incentive Rollover: $102.00 through 4 events