E&BC Classic Worlds Tournament 11/20/2022

Today's event went quite smooth. We would like to congratulate Carlos Vejar on taking the win by bowling splendidly today. Carlos qualified by shooting 215, 206, 269 for a 690 scratch, 756 with handicap. And, during the cashers finals, shot 215, 216, 227 for a 658 scratch, 724 with handicap. Congrats to Nykolas Walker who has shown that he has what it takes, the mindset, the equipment, and the know how, to qualify. He has cashed in the last three events while taking two wins, but today took the number two spot. Nykolas shot 1392 with handicap, 1284 scratch, averaging 214 for the day. Justin Surat took 3rd place, was on fire for the qualifying squad, but with a slight injury to his bowling arm kept him out of the race for first or second. Justin shot 1309 for his six games with handicap. The field of bowlers all bowled very well today on a quite tough oil pattern. Congratulations to all the bowlers who won high game pots, high series pots, the eliminators, and brackets. We look forward to holding our next event on Saturday, 12/17/2022, at AMF Union Hills in North Phoenix.

Payout Prize fund $438.00, $51.00 rollover to final season event, $117.00 rollover collected through 2 events.

Prize Fund Incentive (Progressive) fund $300.00, $26.00 rollover to final season event, $62.00 rollover collected through 2events.