E&BC Classic Worlds Tournament 10/14/23

It was a really nice Phoenix day outside for today's event. Today we saw 21 bowlers sign in to bowl on the higher scoring Sapphire Oil Pattern. The challenge with this pattern was the forcing of the bowler to make adjustments throughout the day. The fresh and burn squads ended up playing quite different for most making sure the righties moved up against or in front of the ball return for most of the bowlers. There were very few lefties that bowled today, so their adjustments were much smaller. Lane 4 during the last game of the finals got burnt up with a large friction area that forced about a one zone adjustment. Our finalists with their qualifying scores plus handicap include: Rick Mixey (969), Rick Watters (970), Rick Darnell (1000), Bob Harris (1016), and Christopher Stewart (1078). Congratulations to Christopher Stewart who shot the first natural 300 at any of the E&BC Classic Worlds Tournaments. We had the finalists bowl their final three games, first game on 7 and 8, second game on lanes 5 and 6, and final game on 3 and 4, with pins carrying over from their qualifying rounds. Christopher Stewart kept the pace going and settled n with the October Title by 68 pins by throwing 1836 over 7 games with HDCP. 2nd place went to Rick Darnell over 3 really good games by finishing with 1768 with HDCP. Bob Harris finished in 3rd place by shooting 1717 with HDCP, Rick Mixey finished 4th with 1625 with HDCP. Rick Watters had to leave and settled in taking 5th with a 1492 with HDCP. Today's event saw a number of new bowlers to E&BC Tournaments (Christopher Stewart, Christian West, Jeremy Lorenzo, Michael Arce, and John Zafra).Thank you to all who came out in support of this events. As a reminder, to be eligible to bowl the year-end event you would have needed to bowl at least 2 events prior. Our year end event will be held December 2nd. You can contact us at ebc_tournaments@yahoo.com for any additional information. Our next event will be October 14, 2023 at AMF Union Hills. Prize Fund Rollover for year-end event: $900.00.