E&BC Classic Worlds Tournament 4/15/2022

Today's Classic Worlds event was a success on such a beautiful Phoenix Saturday outside with 16 overall entrants and 52 overall games bowled. We gave out over $700 in total prize money including all side action. Congratulations goes to Justin Surat for taking the win today on a very, very tough E&BC Tournaments Great White oil pattern. Justin averaged a 191 scratch for the day through 5 games. Our cashers for today were: 1st place Justin Surat, 2nd place Lordan Ferguson, and 3rd place Michael LePage. We held a top 3 bowler’s eliminator to determine our winner. Justin Surat swept the finals in bowling scratch scores of 207 and 183 to equal 245 and 220 with handicap. We did not have any Win-A-Spot for a free entry with Prize Fund Incentive ($85.00 value) entries today. We'd like to thank everyone who participated in support of this event. Our next event will be determined at a later date at AMF Union Hills. Entries Prize fund $418.00 Prize Fund Rollover: $360.00 through 6 events Prize Fund PFI Rollover: $132.00 through 6 events