E&BC Classic Worlds Tournament 5/20/2023

Today's Classic Worlds event was a success on such a beautiful Phoenix Saturday outside with 19 overall entrants and 85 overall games bowled. We gave out over $1,200 in total prize money including all side action. Congratulations goes to John Rivera for taking the win today on a very, very tough E&BC Tournaments Hammerhead oil pattern. John averaged a little above 171 when coming in with a 165 average. All it took to qualify today was to be about 2 or 3 pins above your average for either squad. Our cashers for today were: 1st place John Rivera, 2nd place Justin Surat, 3rd place Kyle Ponzo, and 4th place Mike Kennedy. We were able to hold a drawing for a free Bowlifi Jersey from www.bowlifi.com, and a free pair of Hollmark bowling shoes today. The winner of the free Bowlifi jersey was Josh Chandler, and the free pair of shoes went to Mike Kennedy.
We held an additional 3 games for the cashers to determine our winner. For the final 3 games pins carried over from the bowlers' highest qualifying score. John Rivera continued his success while coming into the final round as the 2nd seed. Justin Surat climbed the ladder from 4th seed to finish in 2nd. Kyle Ponzo bowled well all day, but ran into a bit of trouble in the final round to finish 3rd overall. Mike Kennedy moved from last place after the 1st squad by re-entering and bowled very well to qualify as the 3rd seed. His final 3 games were a bit rough and he finished in 4th overall. (Welcome back to bowling Mike). Only three of the four cashers entered into the PFI (Progressive) Pot.
Today's event saw nearly double digit new folks to E&BC Tournaments (Kyle Ponzo, John Rivera, Mike Kennedy, Ryan Woodall, Chandler Risley, Matt Woodall, Matt Villegas, Edward Polansky, and Josh Chandler). As a reminder, to be eligible to bowl the year end event you will need to bowl at least 2 events prior. Our year end event looks to be in November. For all the collegiate bowlers out there who'd like to join us for any upcoming event, if you show us your college ID you will receive a discounted entry fee. You can contact us at ebc_tournaments@yahoo.com for any information. We'd like to thank everyone who participated in support of this event. Our next event will be June 17, 2023 at AMF Union Hills. Entries Prize fund dispersed $495.00. PFI (Progressive) fund dispersed $320. Side Action prizes dispersed $408. Prize Fund Rollover for year end event: $417.00 through 7 events and Prize Fund PFI (Progressive) Rollover: $164.00 through 7 events