E&BC Classic Worlds Tournament 6/17/2023

It was a hot day outside in Phoenix for today's event. There were also six other events taking place at the same time. We bowled next to the Bowlerettes at AMF Union Hills. Today we saw 16 bowlers attempt to take the first place coveted E&BC Classic Worlds Title. They bowled on one f the toughest E&BC oil patterns in the Goblin Shark. The fresh was playable for a short time and the breakdown got downright ugly. Our finalists include Edward Polansky who qualified with a 995 with handicap, Holly Carroll with an 899 with handicap, and Eddie Wilcox with an 888 with handicap. Due to a minor breakdown on lane 3 and 4, we had the finalists bowl their final three games, twice on lanes 5 and 6, and once on 1 and 2. With pins carrying over from their qualifying rounds, Edward Polansky finished in 1st taking the title with 1679 pins with handicap over 7 games, Eddie Wilcox jumped past Holly with 1587 pins with handicap, and Holly finished 3rd with 1486 pins with handicap. 

Today's event saw a few new folks to E&BC Tournaments (Joshua Darrow, D.J. Jackson, and Matt Zweig). As a reminder, to be eligible to bowl the year end event you will need to bowl at least 2 events prior. Our year end event looks to be in November. For all the collegiate bowlers out there who'd like to join us for any upcoming event, if you show us your college ID you will receive a discounted entry fee. You can contact us at ebc_tournaments@yahoo.com for any information. We'd like to thank everyone who participated in support of this event. Our next event will be July 15, 2023 at AMF Union Hills. Prize Fund Rollover for year end event: $456.00 through 8 events and Prize Fund PFI (Progressive) Rollover: $174.00 through 8 events.