E&BC Classic Worlds Tournament 7/15/2023

It was another sweltering day outside in Phoenix for today's event. Today we saw 25 bowlers attempt to take the first place coveted E&BC Classic Worlds Title. They bowled on the E&BC Emerald oil pattern, a challenge pattern at 39 feet with 23.5 units of oil. The fresh was playable for a short time and the breakdown opened up laneplay in which a few players had to make large jumps left for the righties and fairly big jumps right for the lefties. Our finalists with their qualifying scores plus handicap include: Edward Polansky (961) who won last month’s event, and the next four finalists all new to E&BC Tournament’s: Harper Schmidt (962), Robert Justice (976), Johnny Smith (998), and Wes Buglewicz (1047). Mechanical conditions of the lanes were very good today with only needing to re-spot pins a couple times, thanks to the mechanical staff at AMF Union Hills (you guys did great today). We had the finalists bowl their final three games, first game on 7 and 8, second game on lanes 5 and 6, and final game on 3 and 4. With pins carrying over from their qualifying rounds, Johnny Smith finished in 1st taking the title with 1742 pins with handicap over 7 games, Robert Justice jumped past Wes Buglewicz with 1712 pins with handicap, Wes Buglewicz finished in 3rd dropping from first due to one not so good game with 1710 pins, Edward Polansky tried to climb the ladder but fell short finishing in 4th with 1636 pins, and Harper Schmidt finished 5th with 1628 pins with handicap. Today's event saw a number of new bowlers to E&BC Tournaments (Johnny Smith, Robert Justice, Wes Buglewicz, Harper Scmidt, James Daab, Art Rogalski, Lauren Giesecke, Aaron Meier, Eric Blanton, James Hughes, and Bob Harris).Thank you to all who came out in support of these events. As a reminder, to be eligible to bowl the year end event you will need to bowl at least 2 events prior. Our year end event looks to be in November. For all the collegiate, high school, and youth bowlers out there who'd like to join us for any upcoming event you will receive a discounted entry fee. If you bowl for a college just show us your active sollege ID. You can contact us at ebc_tournaments@yahoo.com for any information. We'd like to thank everyone who participated in support of this event. Our next event will be August 19, 2023 at AMF Union Hills. Prize Fund Rollover for year-end event: $720.00 through 9 events with three more events to go.