E&BC Classic Worlds Tournament 9/16/2023

It was a nice Phoenix day for today's event. Today we saw 22 bowlers attempt to take the first place E&BC Classic Worlds Title. They bowled on the E&BC Sardonyx oil pattern, which was a definitely challenging pattern if you got the ball a little bit outside. Hardly any urethane went down the lanes today since the outside was not very playable. The fresh and burn squads ended up playing similar, but lanes 1 and 2 got burnt up in a hurry after only a few games. Our finalists with their qualifying scores plus handicap include: Gabriel Edgerton (990 w/HDCP), Rick Mixey (985 w/HDCP), Thomas Decanso (947 w/HDCP), and Austin Penne (922 w/HDCP, beating out new comer Maddisen Rook by 1 pin). For the most part the mechanical conditions of the lanes was decent, even though we had lane 6 go down hard for about 20 minutes, but at least we didn’t skip a beat by moving bowlers to the breakdown pair. After squad 1 we were able to re-use lanes 5 and 6, thanks to the mechanical staff at AMF Union Hills (you guys did great today just like last couple months). We had the finalists bowl their final three games, first game on 7 and 8, second game on lanes 5 and 6, and final game on 3 and 4, with pins carrying over from their qualifying rounds. Gabriel Edgerton whipped up on everyone pretty good in completing his 1st title winning by throwing 1739 over 7 games with HDCP. 2nd place went to Austin Penne who nearly ran the ladder escaping out of 4th into 2nd over 3 really good games by finishing with 1724 with HDCP. Rick Mixey was steady all day in taking 3rd place by shooting 1646 with HDCP, and Thomas Decanso taking 4th with having a not too great final 3 games in shooting 1575 with HDCP overall. Today's event saw a number of new bowlers to E&BC Tournaments (Andrew Taylor, Austin Penne, Gabriel Edgerton, Garrett Plum, Maddisen Rook, Rick Mixey, Robert Adair, Sandi Hacker, and Thomas Decanso).Thank you to all who came out in support of this events. As a reminder, to be eligible to bowl the year end event you will need to bowl at least 2 events prior. Our year end event will be held December 2nd. For all the collegiate, high school, and youth bowlers out there who'd like to join us for any upcoming event you will receive a discounted entry fee. If you bowl for a college just show us your active college ID. Also, we are now, from this point moving forward, going to be re-oiling the lanes between the 1st and 2nd squads. You can contact us at ebc_tournaments@yahoo.com for any additional information. Our next event will be October 14, 2023 at AMF Union Hills. Prize Fund Rollover for year-end event: $874.00 through 11 events with only one more event to go before our year-end event.