E&BC Classic Worlds Year-End 12/02/23

It was a beautiful Phoenix day outside for today's event. Today we saw 18 eligible bowlers for this final year-end event bowling on the E&BC Tournaments Maco oil pattern. The challenge with this pattern was that there was no real free hook from anything outside. Today the bowlers had to be as accurate as possible. The transition, however, opened up the lanes only a little. We only had one squad which was match-play, position games, with bonus pins. Mike LePage after the first game stayed in the number one hole up until Lordan Ferguson caught him after the cut to half the field.  After the initial cut of the field in half, the bowlers bowled an additional 3 games match-play with bonus pins. Our four finalists/cashers were in order: Lordan Ferguson(1878), Mike LePage(1859), Romeo Fermil(1756), and Dave Nelson(1740). We had the finalists bowl an elimination round with the lowest count with handicap being cut, with the rest going on with another elimination round, then the top two bowlers from the eliminator squaring off head-to-head. Congratulations to Mike LePage for winning the event. Dave Nelson came in 2nd, Lordan Ferguson 3rd, and Romeo Fermil 4th. These four bowlers bowled very well today. Thank you to all who came out in support of this events. As a reminder, to be eligible to bowl the next year-end event you would have needed to bowl at least 2 events prior. Our next event will be January 20th, 2024. You can contact us at ebc_tournaments@yahoo.com for any additional information. With the added prize money, even with only 18 bowlers, we were able to give out over $1,600.00 in total prizes today, including all the side action.

See you all next year.