E&BC Classic Worlds Tournament 4/13/2024

On April 13, 2024, the E&BC Classic Worlds Bowling Tournament progressed under the beautifully warmer Arizona sun at Bowlero Union Hills in Phoenix. The bowlers gathered in a community of friendship to test their bowling expertise on the E&BC Tournament’s Amethyst oil pattern, a medium-higher scoring challenge that demanded accuracy and repeatability. We had 34 bowlers who stepped up to the approach. Jeremy Lorenzo, an ASU bowler, emerged as the victor, receiving the 4th E&BC Tournaments Title winner of the season. His impressive score of 1264 qualified him in the 2nd spot, while Caleb Gray rocked 4 of his 5 games, netting him 1276 pins to be the number 1 qualifier. Our top eight from 3rd qualifier to the 8th spot were: Michael LePage 1238 pins, George Lima 1201 pins, Stephanie Smith 1201 pins, Ryan Currie 1191 pins, Jim Alme 1184 pins, and Justin Surat 1174 pins. The match play showcased these 8 very good bowlers in head-to-head match play with the winners of each game receiving an additional 30 bonus pins. Jeremy Lorenzo took the number 1 spot from Caleb Gray, who struggled in these final 3 games. Congrats to Jeremy Lorenzo who won the Title, Michael LePage finished in 2nd, Stephanie Smith jumped up 2 spots to take 3rd, Jim Alme finished 4th, Ryan Currie 5th, Caleb Gray 6th, George Lima, 7th, and Justin Surat rounded out the 8 in 8th. The camaraderie among the bowlers was clear, and Bowlero Union Hills provided a great backdrop for this thrilling tournament. We welcomed a few new bowlers to the E&BC Classic Worlds tournaments: Stephanie Smith, Ryan Currie, Matt Starcevich, Jeff Young, Michael Penne, Nick Urzi, Ryan Woodall, Ross Volgarino, George Pinegar, and Martin Purnell. Welcome to E&BC Tournaments. Thank you to you all for your greatly appreciated support. We have now accumulated $477.00 that will be forwarded to the year-end event to be held in early December; and that is only through four events. With this pace, we will be looking at over $1,300.00 potential added prize money for the year-end event. Reminder, to be eligible for the year-end event you must have bowled at least two events throughout the year. Prize fund $1,000.00
Prize Fund Rollover for end of year event $130.00
Prize Fund Paid out $885.00
Lineage $770.00
Prize Fund Incentive (PFI/Progressive) Paid out $285
Side Action Paid out $470 Total cash paid out in today’s event $1,355.00