E&BC Classic Worlds Tournament 3/23/2024

On March 23, 2024, the E&BC Classic Worlds Bowling Tournament unfolded under the warm Arizona sun at Bowlero Union Hills in Phoenix. The bowlers gathered to test their mettle on the E&BC Tournament’s Jasper oil pattern, a medium-scoring challenge that demanded precision and adaptability. The lanes buzzed with anticipation as 26 bowlers stepped up to the approach. Richard Perez Jr., a seasoned competitor, emerged as the champion. His impressive score of 1824 (including handicap) showcased both skill and nerve. Michael Arce secured second place with a commendable 1741, while Tyler McGiboney’s tenacity earned him third place with 1667. Austin Penne and Mike Ingrassi rounded out the top five, shooting 1621 and 1597 respectively. The camaraderie among the bowlers was evident, and Bowlero Union Hills provided a great backdrop for this thrilling tournament. As the pins fell and the cheers echoed, it was clear that this day was more than a competition—it was a celebration of the sport and the community of bowlers. We welcomed a few new bowlers to the E&BC Classic Worlds tournaments: Ashley Perez, Richard Perez Jr. (our winner), Dan Fields, and Nick Johnson. We’d also like to welcome back Marcus Haley who is coming back from having surgery. Thank you to you all for your greatly appreciated support. We have now accumulated $347.00 that will be forwarded to the year-end event to be held in early December; and that is only through three events. With this pace, we will be looking at nearly $1,300.00 potential added prize money for the year-end event. Reminder, to be eligible for the year-end event you must have bowled at least two events throughout the year. Prize fund $1,300.00
Prize Fund Rollover for end of year event $104.00
Prize Fund Paid out $680.00
Lineage $467.00
Prize Fund Incentive (PFI/Progressive) Paid out $275
Side Action Paid out $140