E&BC Classic Worlds Tournament 1/20/2024

It was a beautiful overcast Phoenix day outside for today's event. Today we saw 28 bowlers to start the 2024 season off quite well. Today bowlers bowled on the E&BC Tournaments Madison oil pattern. This pattern dictated the bowler to find the friction as quickly as possible and not to play too deep otherwise there was no hook. The transition really opened up the lanes quite a bit. The fresh condition caused the downlane to be more tight. We held two squads today, the first squad, as usual is the fresh squad, and the second squad is known as the burn squad. After the two squads were completed we took the top 6 bowlers for a one game, pins carrying over, finals squad, on what is known as the double burn, due to issues with the lane machine to start us off about 45 minutes late and a league that was coming in for 5:30pm. Our leader and winner of the first 2024 season event was Kevin Todd (1248), who bowled quite well all day. Our second place finisher was Harper Schmidt (1231), who we found out will be bowling for Arizona State University beginning this coming fall semester. 3rd place went to Cameron Gray (1215). 4th to Gabriel Edgerton (1181). 5th to Michael Sylve (1146). 6th to Robert Justice (1125). Due to all the issues we had getting started, it was very nice of the crew at AMF/Bowlero Union Hills to cook a few pizzas and have some cold drinks for the bowlers. We would to thank you to all who came out in support of this event. As a reminder, to be eligible to bowl the year-end event you would have needed to bowl at least 2 events prior. Our next event will be February 17th, 2024. You can contact us at ebc_tournaments@yahoo.com for any additional information. We currently have holding $100+ added prize money for the year-end event with more being added each tournament. We were able to give out about $1,200.00 in overall prize money. Each event we anticipate these tournaments to grow this year. We have a new record in the number of bowlers to start this season.

We have our 2023 E&BC Classic Worlds first year-end trophy winner... Mike LePage as we held our trophy ceremony today.