E&BC Classic Worlds Tournament 5/25/2024

On May 25th, 2024, the E&BC Classic Worlds Bowling Tournament progressed with beautiful 80/90 degree Arizona weather at Bowlero Union Hills in Phoenix. The bowlers gathered to test their mettle on the E&BC Tournament’s Sardius oil pattern, a slightly-higher scoring challenge that demanded accuracy due to it's length of 37 feet and medium-heavy volume. We had 34 bowlers who stepped up to the approach. Dion Lockett was today's victor, capturing his first E&BC Tournaments Title. His impressive score of 1242 qualified him in the 3rd spot, while Corey Poyner lit it up with an impressive 1297 for his 5 games to be the number 1 qualifier. Our 2nd place qualifier was Nick Urzi who impressed with a 1272 over his 5 games. Rounding out 4th through 8th in the qualifying squad were: 4th, Carter Gross 1237 pins, Frank Meyer 1236 pins, Matt Villegas 1228 pins, Jake Overstreet 1223 pins, and Mike Zornado 1196 pins. The match play showcased these 8 very good bowlers in head-to-head match play with the winners of each game receiving an additional 30 bonus pins. It was back and forth between the top 3 bowlers seeing Dion taking the victory, Nick Urzi managing a 2nd place finish and Corey Poyner taking 3rd. 4th place went to Jake Overstreet, 5th Frank Meyer, 6th Carter Gross, 7th Matt Villegas, and 8th Mike Zornado. The camaraderie among the bowlers was quite clear, and Bowlero Union Hills provided a great venue for this thrilling tournament. We witnessed more and more fans and observers at today's event than has been in the past. And, I am sure they enjoyed the thrill of competition. We welcomed a few new bowlers to the E&BC Classic Worlds tournaments: Corey Poyner, Dion Lockett, Carter Gross (youth), Frank Meyer, Tommy Hofmann, Jennifer Harris, Morgan Irwin, Julio Hinojosa, Carey Hofmann, Jeff Young, and Jason Gootzeit (youth) who gave us quite a thrill with his very impressive 287 scratch game. Welcome to E&BC Tournaments. Thank you to you all for your greatly appreciated support. We have now accumulated $611.00 that will be forwarded to the year-end event to be held in early December; and that is only through five events. With this pace, we will be looking at over $1,300.00 potential added prize money for the year-end event. Reminder, to be eligible for the year-end event you must have bowled at least two events throughout the year. Prize fund $1,900.00. Lineage $774.00. Prize Fund Rollover for end of year event $134.00. Prize Fund Paid out $850.00. Prize Fund Incentive (PFI/Progressive) Paid out $335. Side Action Paid out $554. Total cash paid out in today’s event $1,739.00